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Victor Greenaway (1947- ) Australia

Lot 68
Porcelain Bowl
Porcelain bowl form on column with vertical stripes
10 x 16 x 16cm
Condition Excellent
Artists label base VG29 2012
Exhibited Maningham City Council Doncaster 2012 Cat#50
Victor Greenaway ceramics, drawing and paintings Italy 2007-2012 similar illust p7


Catalogue Details

Victor Greenaway (1947- ) was born in Sale, Victoria. He became interested in pottery as a teenager, completed a Diploma of Fine Art at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and worked at Ian Spragues Mungeribar Pottery in Upper Beaconsfield from 1969-1973. In 1973 he built his own Broomhill pottery on six acres next door. In 1975 he established a production studio there with a training programme funded by the Australia Council. Apprentices working at the studio over the next 12 years included Bruce Heggie, Edith-Ann Murray, Barry Hayes and Warren Arthur. In February 1983 bushfires destroyed the family home. He rebuilt but eventually sold the property in 1993 and closed down the studio. In 1995 he bought a property at Nungurner on the Gippsland lakes and started working as a solo potter (and also as a painter). He has had an association with Italy since 1999 through the potter Marino Moretti and currently spends part of the year there. His marks are documented in Victor Greenaway : ceramics 1965-2005.